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Black Friday

Black Friday 2024, 2025 and 2026

Black Friday has spread like wildfire in recent years from the US to other parts of the world as an unofficial “shopping holiday”. In Brazil, it has already become the second most important shopping day of the year, just behind Christmas. And the sales abound online just as much as in-store.

202429 NovFriBlack Friday
202528 NovFriBlack Friday
202627 NovFriBlack Friday
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Black Friday first became a movement in Brazil back in 2010, and it has grown ever since until now it has become an entrenched tradition. Now that shoppers expect sales this time of year, it would be foolish for companies to sit it out while their competition takes all the patronage, so it doesn’t look like this trend is going to stop anytime soon!

The name “Black Friday” is said to originally have been coined by a local police department in Philadelphia in the US in the 1960s. First mentioned in a newsletter circulated by the department’s public relations team in 1961, the day after Thanksgiving was deemed “Black” due to the high levels of traffic jams and mobs of customers that were becoming problematic for the local officials.

After local merchants declared the nickname to be bad for business due to its negative connotation, the deputy city representative, Abe Rosen, attempted to spin the term “Big Friday” as a positive approach to the shopping rush.

The upbeat “Big Friday” did not catch on as Rosen had hoped, and the pessimistic “Black Friday” continued to make headway in local newspapers well into the 1980s until it became entrenched in US culture, and now culture in Brazil and around the world.

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